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Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency is where entertainment transcends boundaries, leaving a lasting impression on audiences across Florida. As a distinguished performer, producer, director, and talent agent with over 35 years of experience, John Timpanelli proudly introduces Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency, catering to diverse audiences and venues.

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Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency

Our Mission

At Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency, we craft an unparalleled entertainment experience for 55+ communities, country clubs, theaters, casinos, and cruise ships. With a professional and personal touch, we strive to turn your vision into reality, tailored to your budget – whether it's a solo artist or a full-scale production. Our commitment is to cater to various audiences, offering a diverse range of performers and programs to meet all your entertainment needs.


World-Class Stars

Our roster boasts world-renowned and highly acclaimed celebrities, including Broadway Stars, International Cruise Performers, Recording Artists, and local talents. From solo acts to entire ensembles, our performers have that "Special Something" that continues to thrill, excite, delight, and entertain audiences long after the final curtain falls.


The Agent Advantage

Why choose Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency over direct dealings with performers? Working with an agent provides you with security. In the event of a performer cancellation, we seamlessly provide a replacement, alleviating the pressure on the venue. Additionally, we carry liability insurance and hold a license from Florida, ensuring a seamless and secure partnership.


John Timpanelli

As the driving force behind Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency, John Timpanelli brings over three decades of expertise to the forefront. Licensed, bonded, and insured, our agency is dedicated to providing all types of entertainment, from renowned celebrities to local talents. Whether you seek Broadway stars, recording artists, international cruise performers, or the perfect DJ or live band for your event, Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency is your premier source.

Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency

Professional and Personalized Service

At Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency, we pride ourselves on delivering professional and personalized service from initial contact to the final act. We make the impossible possible by creating and customizing unique and affordable shows that leave a lasting impact.

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Choose Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency for an entertainment journey beyond the ordinary, where every performance is an extraordinary experience curated just for you.

Tin Pan Alley Talent Agency